Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Presents:

Audioversity 2014 – Smiley face

November 3-5, 2014
Chicago, IL

Since its inception in 2010, the Audioversity Expo has provided complimentary education to thousands of audio professionals. Featuring digital mixing seminars, speaker listening demos, networking courses, giveaways and much more, this one-of-a-kind event is truly a unique offering unlike any other.

This year, we invite you to join us for an exclusive version of the Audioversity Expo. Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to reformat the learning experience for a limited time. 3 days will consist of 3 tracks, with each day focusing on a specific subject related to sound reinforcement.

  Day 1 – Digital Mixing Consoles for Sound Reinforcement
  Day 2 – Digital Audio Networking
  Day 3 – Speaker Systems
Audioversity – Applications Edition is free-of-charge and open to members of the audio community. Tracks qualify for InfoComm CTS Renewal Units. Attendance is limited and seats will be filled quickly. To view descriptions of the tracks and to register*, click on the boxes below. Don’t miss out on this unique educational opportunity featuring training, hands-on time, and additional surprises!

*You must complete registration for each day that you wish to attend.

Digital Mixing Consoles for Sound Reinforcement

The Mixing Consoles track on Day 1 will focus on the latest in our digital console family – CL and QL Series. Subjects will feature the essentials of these two series, mixing techniques, tips and tricks, and a mixing lab offering attendees hands-on time with assistance from our Specialists. You may choose the CL or QL Series track depending on your preference. The learning material will be consistent in both tracks. A unique course for System Techs covering Dante™ networking, Soundcheck Best Practices, Guest/User Management and much more will also be presented.

Day 1 is eligible for 1.5 InfoComm CTS Renewal Units for Yamaha Consoles and Performance System Elements.

Digital Audio Networking

Day 2 focuses on building networking skills applicable for audio engineers. The day will start with fundamentals in the context of a common home network, then expand into features required for full scale Dante™ network provisioning and configurations. Participants will learn by doing with live demonstrations and interactive labs. Popular and thought provoking topics include:

  • Integrating Audio Networks with Existing IT Networks (Including WiFi points and Internet Access)
  • Adding Dante™ to Existing Audio Networks (CobraNet®/EtherSound™)
  • Employing Dante™ as a clear, low-latency Conferencing Solution
  • Using Dante™ for distributed audio or connecting overflow rooms
  • Choosing Network Switches, WAPs and other hardware for Audio Networks.

Day 2 is eligible for 3 InfoComm CTS Renewal Units for Dante Networking, and Yamaha Products and Software for Commercial Audio Systems.

Speaker Systems

Day 3 will feature speakers and systems including product listening demos, applications, and the latest in design software. New NEXO products – the GEO M6 Compact Sound Reinforcement System and the versatile STM M28 Loudspeaker will be highlighted along with various STM ground-stack configurations.

Day 3 is eligible for 1.5 InfoComm CTS Renewal Units for NEXO Products and Design Software for Performance Audio Systems.